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Discrimination Update

I sent the letters and now we are meeting a week from this coming Friday. Believe or no not, the person I'm meeting with is a HIV/AIDS advocate. He did early statics work in San Francisco when the virus first hit this country. Woohoo!!!



Easter Egg Treats For The Holiday Season

I know, why am I talking about Easter Eggs during this part of the year. No, I'm not talking about the type of eggs that comes out of chickens asses. I'm talking about hidden features on DVDS. I know a lot of you watch movies on DVDS. What you may not know is that their are hidden clips on some DVDS which you need. Most of them are humorous but others are about that particular movie. The best Easter I have found is on the double disk of Final Fantasy: The Spirits within. The characters do the dance segment from Michael Jacksons Thriller. If you click here, you will find a website that tells you about where to find Easter eggs. I'm sure there are more site that will tell you where to find Easter eggs on certain DVDS. Have fun finding them on your DVD disks!!



Holiday Question

If a person hits a man in his genitalia, does the make that person a Nutcracker?



Making My Lists

So I decided to make two different Christmas list. The first list are the things that I'll ask my friends to get me if they ask what I want this coming up holiday. The second is my ultimate dream Christmas list which I know will never happen but dreams can come true. These are in no certain order.

Reality list:

  • Itunes gift cards

  • Amazon.com gift certificates

  • Coffee house gift cards

  • Work pants

  • Anything from the (Product) Red campaign

  • DVD's like the Alien series and Battlestar Galatica

Ultimate Dream list:

  • A vacation in Hawaii

  • A Jeep

  • A laptop with wireless access

  • A flat screen HD TV

  • A soft top surfboard

  • The more expensive products from the (Product) Red campaign gap has a nice leather jacket but don't know if I take a small or extra small.


Happy Thanksgiving

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Idea For A New Blog

At work today, we came up with an idea for a whole new blog. The blog would only consist of underwear and panties stories. This idea was inspired from all the panties stories our clients have been tell us at the salon.

The three that stand out in my mind is the woman's car breaking down and her taking off her panties and hanging them from the radio antenna for help. The second is the mother who for got her hair net and placed her cotton panties on top of her head to sleep in at Disneyland and her grandchildren walk in on her.

My all time favorite is a woman helping out a wedding at her church. What she did was soiled her panties, rinsed them out and put them in the church microwave to dry. Well they burst into flames in the microwave and the husband had to dowse them in the sink. The next day there was a sign with a red circle with a line threw it that with no wet panties hanging on the microwave. Yes these are all true stories!!



Educating The Educators

So I posted I was discriminated against for having HIV at the local cosmetology school here in Santa Cruz. I contacted the local AIDS organization and discussed our options in this issue. Unfortunately we don't think we can sue for they are a division of Goodwill industries. What we did decide is to write a letter requesting a meeting to resolve this issue of HIV discrimination. I've written the letter waiting for final approval from the local AIDS case manager who is handling my case to send it to the appropriate people for a meeting.

In the letter I stated why I felt I was a victim of discrimination along with how they now violated the state board of cosmetology rules and regulations. In the meeting my case manager knows what I want and we will see what they offer. Plus in this meeting, I'm going to be educating the educators on their on turf. This is such a break threw for me taking what I've been trying to do in the virtual into the real world. I'm really stoked seeing my dreams of educating about HIV in the real world taking shape.



Greenhouse Emissions

So tonight I finally figured out what is causing the greenhouse effect and polluting our air with greenhouse emissions. It's my farts. God forbid if they weren't released tonight because then I would consider myself an internal combustion engine.



Discriminated Against Because Of HIV and Labs

I'm pissed and confused tonight due to two things. First thing is I'm pissed because I was discriminated against from getting a facial and extractions at the local cosmetology school for having HIV. Yes, The Shoreline School Of Cosmetology refused to allow anyof their students to work on me. This tells me a number of things. First and foremost is most likely they have NOTHING in their curriculum about handling people who have HIV and skin care and blood. I think their head esthetician was even afraid of me. I'm so pissed right now. I also believe they must not teach proper sterilization techniques. What are these estheicians going to do in the real world to handle clients who have HIV!! I also wonder about their manicurist. Discrimination is alive and well in the USA.

Right now I am so confused by my lab work. First my ABS. CD4 count has dropped from 540 to 464 in the last six month. Get this number, the cd4 % POS lymphocytes has jumped from 23 to 29 percent which is the highest mine have ever been since testing positive. Would someone PLEASE tell me how the hell my T cells can drop but the percentages go up!!




So my boss talked to me seeing signs that I'm about to go ballistic on everyone and needing a few days away from everything. You know what, He's right!!



This Is Awesome



Life Board Update

I've been working on my life board putting more things on it what I want out of life. Things like places where I'd like to go, people I'd like to meet or see in concert, things I'd like to have in life ect, ect. You are only seeing about a third of the board because the rest is blank till I can find the right pictures or text. I still have many things to put on this board!!



Baby Jaws 3 (The Return)

OMG I'm stoked again that the Monterey Bay Aquarium has another baby Great White Shark on exhibit. I hope to get and see this one too!! He's another male and was caught like the first one in a fisherman's net.

For those who don't know, I'm a huge white shark fan. I got hooked on sharks when I first saw the movie JAWS. I've also seen the last two white sharks they had on exhibit. One day I hope to be in the open water in a shark cage with Whites swimming around the cage. That is been one of my dreams for a very long time.

If you like to view this beautiful beast of the deep, you can click here to view the tank the white shark is displayed and the other Monterey Bay Aquarium cams!!



Funny but SOOOO WRONG!!!