Poz Mikey


Crack Whore

Yesterday my back was again in REALLY bad shape. So my ex Scott stopped by and told me he would pay to have my back cracked. Well the chiropractor was 1/2 hour late which was ok. He informed me that my sacrium aka tail bone was stuck and it would not allow my spine to manipulate. For any of you who has had this happen to you. You know how painful this can be. Well needless to say I feel 100 times better then what I have been in the last two weeks. Now I could REALLY become a crack whore. My muscles are still sore. My muscle relaxers still haven't been approved by ADAP ( Aids Drug Assistance Program). I have to take it easy today so I'm not doing much. So till tomorrow my friends. Laters



A special thanks

I want to send out a special thanks to Judy P. and her friend for the computer table. Judy read my wish list and e mailed me that she had a computer table. She was gracious enough even to bring it to Santa Cruz. So Judy Thank you. My ex Scott stop by and saw the table and informed me it's called a Jerker. How appropriate!! It's from IKEA and that his ex (a few after me) purchased the same table. Props also go to Lynn and another Judy. They were friends with a roomie who passed away and came to visit. Another shout out to Bay. She gave my roomie Chris a bed frame. To Parker he is the one who had to assemble the frame. So to everyone Thanks again.



Day Off

My back spasms are still with me folks. Medications haven't been approved yet. Taking the day off from blogging. Later my friends!!




Well I went to the doctors on Monday about my back. I have been having serveer spasms and trying to pick up my medications since Monday. Basically my friends they said it might take a week to get them. Thank God they will be covered but it takes awhile. Till then I'm suffering almost in silence. Not trying to complain to much to my roomies. They have helped me so much during this back pain. So thank you Parker and you Chris for helping me in my time of need. Bay I didn't forget you either your an amazing woman. You have been a real trooper during this ordeal. Thank you. New Scrabble word for you. Equus : meaning family of horses, asses (I won't get into that one) zebras, mules, and extinct generas. It's also a great play. Check it out.




I swear sometimes having HIV is like being pregnant. The morning nausea aka morning sickness. The little aches and pains that inflect our bodies. The back spasms that make it difficult to move. Having to use medical cannabis and getting the munchies. In pregnancy they call it cravings. Always seeing the doctors every few weeks. Taking pills everyday, pregnant women have to take supplements. So to all the pregnant women out there I applaud you. What The hell maybe I should take a EPT (Early Pregnancy Test). If I am I'll let you all know.



Hopeless Romantic

I am such a hopeless romantic. Last night Parker was feeling sorry for Bay. He wanted to do something nice for her. She started waiting tables at a local pub across from her house. Dealing with the drunken public not knowing what they want to order. Music blaring in the background. So my friends we created a very romantic night for her. We lit up incense to make the house smell nice. We had all the lights turned off and lit some candles. When she arrived I answered the door. Escorted her up stairs, Asked her to change her cloths. Then performed a Swedish lower leg massage. I used warm oil scented with lemon grass. After I finished, I informed her mister Parker was waiting for her. As I said it was romantic. One day I hope to be able to do the same for someone special in my life.




Today I am in one of my temperamental mood swings. You know those days when little things get under your skin. Those days where you bite your tongue and say nothing to keep the peace. I don't know if it's the HIV meds or just me. I really think it's just me. I have been finding out a lot that I do keep my mouth shut to keep peace. I guess I should really let my mouth open more often and speak my mind. So watch out world changes will be made!!




Right now I am so stressed out. I need to find a job. My disability has run out. Bills are coming due. I'm looking for work but nothing has come through. I just want to hybernate in my room. So all I want to do is yell. AHHHHHHHHHHHH



Wish List

Ok, it seems that everyone in the house are making all types of list. Parker and his IKEA list. His I want list on everything. Chris makes pros and cons lists on each and every potential new ex boyfriend. So I decided to break down and make one of my own. Some of my wishes are with in reason. Others might be a little far fetch at this time. So my friends and fellow bloggers here is some of my wish list. This is in no particular order. A web cam, a well paying job, a computer table, a new bedroom suit, a long term relationship, a motorized vehicle to get around better, lots of new DVD's, that someone would find a cure for HIV, a large lithograph for my one wall, a massage table(I had to sell mine last year when I got really sick), get my massage therapist certificate, to be able to afford my own place in a nice complex, a MP3 player (Ipod), to try cherries jubilee. I am sure there is more my friends. There is one I'm leaving out for certain reasons, but my closest friends and house mates know about that wish. So I say ado till tomorrow.



Good Day

I just wanted to say I'm having A good day. This morning I went to see my care team nurse. I was Really worried about my lab results. I had an unexpected surprise. My viral load is down to 2500 from 5000 and my T cells shot up to 479. For those of you unfamiliar a normal immune system is 517 or better. You do the math. So with a smile on my face friend. I say laters.




I have been lazy the past few days. For some reason I can not get my butt in gear. All of you know the feeling. The times when task need to be completed, but you just want to chill. Have that next cup of coffee. Zone out the world and say "F#$@ YOU". So that's what I'm doing. I took care of some errands today, and a house meeting to top it off. So world, I'm going for my next coffee.



Bad day

Ok,it's Monday and I'm having one of my bad days. Yes the throwing up, and every thing else that goes with HIV. So errands need to be done . Forget tomorrow another day. So till tomorrow. Laters



Carmen and Foreskin

Laying in bed Saturday morning all nice and cozy I suddenly bolt. I here drum line ready. 1..2..3....Go. Then I hear Carmen playing. You know the song. No not the toriador song, but the rose song. Hell, where is Haley Berry when you need her. So to my surprise. There was a marching band outside my bedroom window. I remember there was this one time at band camp. LOLOL. Last night my back was hurting so I smoked a little medical. Bay, Parker, Chris and myself decided to play Scrabble. So I look down and start rearranging my letters. Then out of the blue I start laughing uncontrollably. Everyone looked at me weird. Chris looked over at my letters and started cracking up. What did my letters spell. Foreskin. I played all 7 letters!! Do you know you can get at least 70 points (and have a fun night) with foreskin?



Keep Santa Cruz (Is) Weird

I just couldn't wait to write this entry. I was peddling(not my ass) home from Little Caesars. On Banson street what do I see my friends? A live Rhode Island Red rooster on the corner. This rooster would have made Foghorn Leghorn proud. I grew up next to a farm in Pennsylvania so I know the breed. So I have two questions. One, was the rooster selling crack on the corner? Two, why is there a live rooster in city limits? So the city counsel is right. Keep Santa Cruz Weird!!!



Ok here's what I found out;

A. Santa Cruz Community Housing Corporation 01/31/90 to present
B. Ronald Gonalez 10/06/86 to 01/31/90
C. Stephanie Bell 06/30/82 to 10/06/86
D. James and Stephanie Bell 03/21/73 to 06/30/82
E. No records 06/25/71 to 03/21/73
F. Mary and Anthony Camarda ? to 06/25/71

I found out Anthony died 10/21/69. Louis Camarda was in charge of will. The house has been in the same location since 1971. Could this move be an urban legend? Could be. Stay tuned.
A personal note to Jules. I figured out how to use the spell check. LOLOLOL


Sequoia House

Sequoia house is a support home with people who have HIV/AIDS. I moved in here in December after being evicted by my landlord. Right now there are three of us living here in Sequoia. We all get along pretty well, but we all have are moments. Like any room mate situtation we all have our own little quirks and pet peeves. One thing I really dig about living here is the open communication. If anyone has a problem with each other we can discuss it as adults. Yes, tempers do flair once in awhile but all in all it's a great place to live. I recently found out Sequoia house was relocated from a different location. I'm researching it to find all stats on this amazing move. Stay tuned




All my life I have been addicted to science fiction. I'm not sure when it happened, but I enjoy the genre. Maybe it was when I saw the original Star Wars,the original Battlestar Galatica, or Star Trek. Everything the production companies release a new scifi movie I want to be the first in line. My imagination takes me away from the real world. Now I'm in love with the new Battlestar Galatica, , The 4400, Charmed, and other science fiction venues.



Cyber Geek

Well Jules, you were right. My friends I am a cyber geek. I love surfing the web. Chatting in rooms looking for a mate. Movie sites of my favorite movies. blogging about my feelings. Laughing at the Kinsey Sicks http://www.kinseysicks.com/ What can I say but bring it on. For all those other cyber geeks out there. I applaud you.




Sometimes it's real hard to see people in relationships. I have not been on a date, or intament with anyone for three years and half years. Bay and Parker cuddling on the couch. Chris thinking he's in love every other week. Scott (my ex) bragging about his latest conquest. What do I get my friends? Hit on by people much older, ugly, very overweight, bald, or all they above. Just once I wish someone would hit on me, who I thought was attractive. Yes, I do have standards. Yes, I like guys that are younger(or look younger like myself). I have only one question. When is it my turn to find love?




Chris is another roomie and friend. Chris is hyper, and sometimes overly loud. He doesn't know realize how intense he can be. The things I like most about Chris is when something goes bad for him. He bounces right back into the swing of life. If ever there was a person like Peter Pan. It's Chris. His child like quality is most enduring. A sponge soaking up all the world offers him. Sometimes he's hard to take, but in the end. Chris is a real friend.




Ok my friends. I am a medical user, and don't have a problem with people using medical. Last night I went out to get my bike to go to seven eleven, and four young folk were sitting in our backyard. I noticed they had rolling papers, and one of the urchins were rolling. Well I said " Excuse me, this is private property you'll have to leave now." The one urchin snapped back to me "It's just tobacco dude." WELL, they must have thought I was an idiot. Your sitting at a picnic table in someone else's backyard. It's dark so no one can see what your doing. Your there rolling tobacco? I think NOT. Just be truthful about your actions. If they would have been honest I would have not been upset. If they didn't lie to me. There was a possibility I would have left them stay in the back yard and enjoy themselves. Saying " It's just tobacco dude" pissed me off. So my friends, just be honest to me. Rodney King said it best. "Can't we all just get along!!!"



Bay, Parker, Birthday

Bay is another woman in my life. She is a hippy chick with that European look working for her. She has three great kids, and doesn't watch television. Right now Bay is dating my roomie Parker. I really hope their love will survive. I see how both of them are meant to be together. Like all relations starting out both of them are learning each others quirks.
Bay jokes around with me that she wants to do me. I know she's joking, but who knows, maybe I'll take take her up on her offer.... NOT. I'm sorry dear I love you but you have the wrong equipment.
I am so impressed with the relationship she has with her children. Sunday we went to a free show in San Lorenzo park. Her son chicory joined us for the show. I joke with her that he's going to be a "Chick" magnet when he's older. We were walking home from the show and they were clowning around and my heart almost stop. They have a love bond between them so strong that nothing in heaven or hell, could come between Bay and chicory.
Yesterday was my birthday. All I wanted to do was lock my self in my room. Turn off everything. Hide under the bed for 24 hours. You see as I wrote in an earlier post. It was the worst birthday of my life. Well my friends here in Santa Cruz made this one much better. So props to Bay, Parker, Chris, Katie, Jorge,J.P., Ms. Sizzle http://www.sizzlesays.blogspot.com/ and Jules http://lilywhiteintentions.com/ Thank you my friends. I love you all. Mikey



S & M

That title has your attention. Every Wednesday on Cedar street they have a farmers market. Don't get me wrong, I love the fresh produce the vendors peddle. What really bugs me is the general public. First, if you are trying to cross that particular intersection. FORGET IT!! Second, people are milling around in the aisles just trying to be seen by there friends,and talking about the latest gossip. You have to fight them just to get to that one certain vendor you like so much. You see my friends these people are into S & M. (S)tand and (M)odel while the rest of us are trying to buy that one last product we need for tonight's dinner. So, every Wednesday I try to take an alternate route home from my errands. I avoid that intersection at all cost. Someone more famous then myself inspires me to rename the Cedar Street farmers market. I want to call it "The Buena Vista Social Club".



Minty Fresh Breath

This week I'm kitty sitting Sela. She is a cameo cream Persian cat with an attitude. I want to tell you, I love her to death. Last night while playing scrabble, she called me up to give her a drink. You have to understand that Sela will only drink out of a bowl when the water is running . She likes fresh water. So I grabbed her water bowl. I held the bowl. Turned on the water for her to drink. What does she do? Lick the tooth paste off the lid of the tube. So I'm there standing like an idiot, and my cat has minty fresh breath.



Hard Times

This time of the year is very hard for me my friends. You see, it was this time last year I tested positive. I had a bad (I mean REALLY bad) case of thrush. I didn't know what thrush was, or what caused thrush. Then I was tested for HIV/AIDS. ON September 30, 2004 I found out I had HIV/AIDS. One week before my birthday. Six weeks after, my landlord evicted my ex and myself from our apartment. Not that I blame him for wanting his money(I was weak to work),but in the compassion department, the guy is a zero!!! He was able to make VERY SICK MAN homeless. So you see my friends, I'm not looking forward to the next three months. I want to quote Ebinizer Scrooge and say "Blah Humbug" to this years holidays.




Jules is a person who is one of the most amazing women I had ever had the chance to call friend met Jules when I found out I had HIV/AIDS. She has been a MAJOR foundation in my life. When I'm not grounded she is one of the few people who you can talk to who isn't judgmental. She is also a person who will put you in your place if you need it. I love you woman. Thank you.