Poz Mikey


S & M: A Joke

A mother was cleaning her son's bedroom. In his room, she found a few S&M magazines. She waited till her husband came home to show him their son's magazines.

"Here look at what I found in Your son's bedroom!!" the mother said.

The husband looked at a few pages in the magazines then stated......

"Well......................... I guess spanking him is out of the question!!"

Cha ching!!! hehehehehehe



Sign In The Sky

I always say bizarre and weird things happen to me. Last night was no exception to this fact. I went outside and looked up at the sky while having a smoke. ( I smoke get over it.) Well it was a semi cloudy night with the moon shining behind the clouds. To my amazement what is the shape I see in a cloud. It was the shape of a cause ribbon.

Now I usually don't see shape in clouds anymore since I was a child. Could this be a sign from the universe, God, or the higher being. I just stood there stunned for a moment for it was shaped so perfect. I don't know if this sign in the sky was a good or bad omen but I truly believe it was a sign.

By the time I was able to move and get my camera, the clouds had shifted. I'm wondering if I'm the only one that saw this cloud formation. I just pray to the higher being that it was a great omen!!



Lost Definition And Possible Date

For the past few months I haven't really felt like working out. I've been down a lot the past few months. My energy level has also been down. I took a good look at myself today and realized I had lost some of my definition.

I think one of the reasons I stopped working out was one of my roommates grabbed my ass back in May. I am so not interested in this person in a sexual or relationship statis. I still don't trust this person as far as I can throw him.

So today I said the hell with him and again started my workout. I did a half workout today to start to build up where I was earlier this year. I also want look look good for the possible date I have next month with someone who is moving to Santa Cruz from New York.

The man is 35 and he's also HIV positive. For me to date someone who is HIV positive would be amazing since they know all the med issues and side effects. I just hope this person is as good looking as his pic if we go out on a date. To see my possible date you can click here. By his looks do you think he's good enough for me?



The Things I Do For My Boss!!



Biggest Pet Peeve

All I'm going to write tonight is my biggest pet peeve is double standards!!



A Halloween Treat

Someone sent me an e mail to this game. It's a Halloween Hangman game. You can click here to have fun and enjoy yourselves.




Product (RED) Ipod NANO and Lifeboard

Last week I received my new Product (RED) Ipod nano. OMG I'm totally in love with this Ipod. I can now play music, music videos, movies and much more on this new nano. Not only that but I also helped someone in Africa get some HIV/AIDS medications. At first I was bitter at the (Red) campaign for only helping people in Africa and not the world. Now I'm in love with the (RED) campaign and buy any and all their products in my budget. I also got a cute little iee shirt which I'll post a pic at a later date.

I started a lifeboard today of my dreams and wishes of what I want out of life. The header for my board states "Life Is Too Good For Wasting!!" Some of the things I'm putting on my lifeboard are going on a cruise, a laptop, going to either Disneyland or Disney World. Others things are having a boyfriend, being in love, and having a commitment ceremony. Another good one is a vacation in Hawaii. To do talk shows and radio interviews about HIV/AIDS and what is need in this country. A trip to NEW York City to see RENT on stage, My dream is to be one of the leads for just one night in the New York production.

The largest items that I'll be putting up will be having a home and a Jeep Wrangler. OMG I just love Jeeps. The are so fun to drive and to go around the town. Of coarse mine would have to be the flaming Red!! Is there any other color for a Jeep? I know what a butch vehicle I'm putting on my life board but it's my dream vehicle.



Dentist, Bike, Blackout

So I had a dentist appointment today. It went well as she started to drill my tooth for a filling. Since it was near the gum she had to press down and pull the gum out. Can I say I didn't have enough novocaine and was hanging off the ceiling like Spiderman. She had to numb my mouth more and my jaw still hurts tonight. I know I won't be having sex tonight if I found someone to have sex.

As I left the dentist, I unlocked my bike and started to ride home. I think I got less then 50 feet away from the dentist office when I realized I had a flat. I walked to the bus stop and put my disabled rig on the front bike rack and headed to the nearest bike shop. I hope I have no more flats for awhile.

When I got home, our block was in a blackout for an hour. I have no idea what cause this blackout. I felt lost not being able to be plugged in to the world. I love this world of technology. I'm also glad tomorrow is a new day!!



Long Days Mother Bates

The past few days I have been in some long days at the salon. I think Thursday was a 10 hour day and yesterday I did a 15 hour day. Today is going to be another very long day. My Saturdays usually are my normal days but I made a commitment which I was thinking was next weekend.

Yes that commitment was to help out Ms Youth at a haunted forrest. Youth called me yesterday and said he the haunted forest is tomorrow and we have the perfect role for you. We want you to play Mother Bates Norman's mother.Yes I'm going to be playing mother Bates. If I was under the age of 13 years old would that make me Mother Master Bates?



No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

I truly believe no good deed goes unpunished. Yesterday I went out to lunch with a good friend named Ms. Youth and her BFF ruby. After we ate, we went to Costco and found these nice UGG knockoffs. They were less then a third of the price of regular UGGs. Ms. Youth said she would but Ruby and myself a pair for gifts.

Ms. Youth told me Rudy's size and I snuck away from the ladies bought the boots then hide them in the car from Ruby. On the way back to my place, Ruby told us her real size and we realized Ms. Youth told me the wrong size to purchase. More on this later.

So last night I went to watch a DVD. It wasn't mine and it got stuck in my DVD player. I wouldn't have minded so much if it was one of my DVD's. I started to wig out. I decided to go to bed and handle it in the morning. So I woke up tore my DVD player apart and I retrieved the DVD.

While retrieving the DVD, Ms. Youth calls and asked if I was going to be able to exchange those boots. I got ready and went to Costco, exchanged the boots with no problem. Then about a mile riding home to my place it happened. KERPLAT!!

Some idiot didn't see me riding and was parked then open his car door about three feet from where I was riding. Needless to say I slammed on my bike brakes but I still nailed that car door. I'm sure this dude didn't even bother looking to see if cars or bikes were coming down the street. He stated he didn't even see me and never once apologized for opening his door out on me. I'll let you know my bikes ok, the car door and the dude. The only thing hurt was my temper. I'm still ready to rip someone a new asshole. I also thank god that I had some extra money and was able to get an inexpensive DVD player. So you see, no good deed goes unpunished.




I've been really down at this time. The salon isn't doing as well as we hoped. We can't find stylist who are dependable enough to show up for work. From what I have seen, stylist that come straight out of beauty school think they are going to have a large clientele right away.

I feel lost right now and don't know how to turn our salon around. Granted I'm not a stylist but I do massages when required, I'm more of a glorified receptionist, cleaner, and a do everything else person . I'm also not the owner or manager of the salon but want us to succeed.

Between my issues and the salon issues, I've been down the last two months. I need to figure out how to get out of this mood and slump. I know we all have periods in our life when we are down. This is my time to be down and I have to accept these feelings. I also seem to feel what people are feeling around me. Does that seem strange?



Product Red Ipod and Work (A Talky)



Seaside Drag

So the other day I met up with another blogger known as Seaside lady for lunch. She came by the salon with her crazy friend and treated me to a nice lunch. We laughed joked and had an amazing time. I met seaside I few weeks ago at a blogger BBQ. She and her friend are amazing people and both of them really enjoyed the look of our salon. Seaside also surprised me with a beautiful card and gift for she knew my birthday just passed. I hope that we can hook up more often when she comes to Santa Cruz.

That night after I had lunch with Seaside I helped my boss get ready to see John Waters. Now most of you know my boss is a drag queen and he dressed up in drag to see John. First thing he did was sit me down in the chair and styled his hairpiece on my head. I have to say I am not a pretty woman.

Second he asked me to shave his legs. WHAT!! You read that right I shaved my bosses legs at work. Then he got into his fake hips and boobs. After that it was time for make-up and hair and the rest of his outfit.!! Can I say I should write a book about my experiences at work and my life.



Flu Shot, Seaside, And Drag

Today I went to our local clinic to get my yearly flu shot. Ever since I found out I had HIV/AIDS my doctor told me to get a flu shot. What I didn't know is that flu shots only work with people who's T cells are over 200. My first year flu shot wasn't all that beneficial. I walked into the room and the nurse told me to relax my arm. I said "How can I relax look at the size of that needle!!" I really said that to that nurse.

I also went to lunch with Seaside_Lady and her best friend. After we were done with our clients I helped my boss get into drag because he was seeing John Waters. I will post about these events on later postings. I have to be up way early for work and it's going to be a LONG day!!




I was paranoid all day yesterday. Yesterday they were doing some road work on my street. I locked my bike up at the corner stop sign till I was ready for work for I couldn't ride on my block. Since it rain here the night before, I put on my rain pants so I wouldn't get road grunge. As I started ride to work I wanted a smoke. I pulled over and reached into my rain pants and tried to retrieve a cigarette. As I was doing this a police car went by. A few blocks later I saw the same policeman go around the block checking to see what I was doing. I wondered if he was wondering if I was "PLAYING POCKET PULL ON THE STREET!!!"

A few hours later I was in back emptying the vacuum cleaner bag while I was cleaning the salon. Another policeman pulled his car up and confronted me and asked if I worked at the salon. You think working there since January he would have seen me. He stated he never saw me there working.....EVER!! I told him my hair style changed and the color. Well after that he went on his way. Is it no wonder I was paranoid yesterday and in an irritated, pissy, bitchy mood all day!!



The Craving

Last night I had one of the worst cravings I've had in a long time. What was this craving? Stromboli from one of my favorite eating joints. I know most of you would have gotten in your cars and went out to get your craving. My issue is the place I wanted this Stromboli from is 3,000 miles from where I live. Sometimes I really miss the east coast food.

There is a restaurant chain called "Your Place" in Southern Pennsylvania where I wanted this Stromboli. They make (in my opinion) the best Stromboli in the world and last night I wanted one really bad!! No matter what I ate the craving never went away. All I can say is I'm glad I'm not I women who can get pregnant. I would drive my husband nuts with my cravings!!




I'm painting the front of a friend's house. What was stated to be a one day job and a few hours has turned into a two day job. Ugghhh I'm going to be spent by the end of the week!!



The Carrot Story

So I told you I received a bar for carrot soap for my birthday and there was a story behind the soap. Well one of my boss's friends used to work at the local emergency room here. Have I an idea where I'm going with this posting?

A man walked into the emergency room speaking very little English complaining of abdominal cramps. They called my boss's friend into interpret what the man was saying and his ailment. Well anyway he put a carrot up is butt hole and couldn't get it out of his ass.

He claimed that it was a dare from his childhood but we suspect he did it within the last few hours or days. How could a carrot be shoved up your ass for years without decaying or sprouting? The man pleaded with my boss's friend not to tell anyone in the hospital or anyone outside his work. Yeah right!!

So now knowing this, there is about five of us in a select circle that tries to out due each other with carrot gifts on birthdays, holidays, ect. Some of the gifts that have been given have been carrot soap, juice, a bunch of carrot on top of gifts, cards that have a carrot on it somewhere, carrot pictures, glass carrots. My favorite was my boss found a vibrator in the shape of a carrot. No I didn't receive that carrot but I know who got that carrot. I wonder if it ever got stuck too?



The Day After Recap

You all know yesterday was my birthday. I worked at the salon from about 8:15 to 4:30. Afterwards we headed to the Trichotillomania Learning Center for their open house. That lasted till about 6:00. The salon donated a basket filled with product and services. The retail value of this basket was about 200 dollars. A women in Salinas won our very nice prize basket.

We left the learning center and the boss and salon owner took me out to dinner for my birthday. It was one of my favorite eating joints called Kianti's. Kianti's is a pasta bar/pizza place where the former world champion pizza dough spinner works. (He is now forth in the world.) Every Friday and Saturday night they put on a floor show done to 40's swing music with the waiters and cooks line dancing and the pizza dough spinners spinning. It was great and very fun to watch. I couldn't stop thinking about Rocky Horror and the floor show while they were performing.

For dinner we had the best cheese garlic bread. The boss and salon owner both had salads. ( I didn't want one for I'm not much of a salad eater.) Then we all had ravioli with different sauces. Then it was time for my presents. The boss gave me a Citizen eco drive watch. All the salon workers signed a card for me along with the people from TLC and clients. I received a gift card to my favorite coffee shop here from all the clients. Trust me that card is going to be used up very quickly. The funniest gift was a bar of carrot soap. There is a story behind (figuratively and literally) this gift. I'll post it tomorrow. All and all my birthday wasn't that bad. I still want to skydive and I shouldn't have seen the new Ipod nanos. I purchused my Ipod in February now I want one the the new (Product) red Ipod nanos.

Footnote: Sorry for not shaving when I took the pic to show the color of my hair!!



It's My Birthday

I'm posting this a few hours early and changing the time and date of the posting. I give all my readers permission to kick my ass for 24 hours plus!! I'm also putting in 6 to 7 hours on my birthday at the salon. Afterwards I need to attend the Trichotillomania Learning Center's open house for the salon!!



5 Hours and Two Years

I went up to the county office to renew my medical benefits. What should have taken about a hour or two took 5 hours. I had all my paper work ready in hand but the person I saw didn't know what she was doing. I was irked knowing more then she!!

Today is the day that I have been blogging for two years on this blog. Happy birthday my blog!!


My Ipod Top 25

So I wanted to see what were my top 25 songs on my Ipod. I'm going to get crap from some of you on a few of these songs!!!

Well here we go........

01: You Can't Stop The Beat- Hairspray Sound Track

02: I'll Cover You (Reprise)- Rent Movie Sound Track

03: Holiday(Faded Ending)- Greenday

04: Take Me Or Leave Me- Rent Movie Sound Track

05: Larger Then Life- Backstreet Boys

06: Like A Prayer- Madonna

07: Open Your Heart- Madonna

08: Better Off Alone- Alice DeeJay

09: Point Of No Return- Kansas

10: La Vie Boheme- Rent Movie Sound Track

11: Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)- Greenday

12: Seasons Of Love- Rent Movie Sound Track

13: Man In The Mirror- Michael Jackson

14: (Don't Fear) The Reaper- Blue Öyster Cult

15: Wake Me Up When September Ends (Explicit) - Greenday

16: Stronger- Britney Spears

17: Wild Boys- Duran Duran

18: Running On Empty- Jackson Brown

19: Hanky Panky - Madonna

20: Black Velvet- Alannah Myles

21: Back In My Life- Alice DeeJay

22: Hindi Sad Diamonds- Moulin Rouge Sound Track

23: Learn To Fly- Pink Floyd

24: Smooth- Santana & Rob Thomas

25: The Grand Illusion- Styx

What's your top 25 on your MP3 player?



We Tried Zebra Stripes!!

So when I got to work today I had a very nice surprise waiting for me. I got into the salon and one of the manicurist was there waiting to give me a manicure and a pedicure. OMG I loved it soo much! After she was done my boss came into work to give me fun hair.

He pulled out these stencils he purchased from 21 years ago and he never used them once. We bleached out my hair and the boss wanted to try out the zebra/tiger striped stencil. I said sure it will be fun hair.

What we found out trying out this stencil is we needed a smaller applicator. When it was all said and done my stripes were to wide and nether of us liked the result.

So next he decided to put the color on the whole head that we used for the stripes. When it was done I really liked the front and top. The sides I'm not thrilled about but they'll be gone in a week or two with my normal haircuts.



My Busy Week

  • Tomorrow- Get all benefits renewed for another year for my meds.

  • Weds-Sat- Work at the salon

  • Sat- My birthday

  • Sun or Monday- Paint the front of a friends house.

  • Tuesday- Finish painting if I'm not done or stay in bed for 24 hours. Hehehehehe Right! Written sarcastically.