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A man was found dead in his home over the weekend.

Detectives at the scene found the man face down in his bathtub.

The tub had been filled with milk, sugar and cornflakes.

A banana was sticking out of his ass.

Police suspect a cereal killer.

ROFLMAO thanks wes!!



Wicked Weds, The Dangers Of Masturbation

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A Roomies Friend's Death From AIDS

Some thoughts about AIDS and death and wasting!



I'm I Spreading Myself TOO Thin?

Sometimes I feel I give too much of myself. That I spread myself too thin and don't have enough me time. With over 300 friends on myspace, trying to read blogs, putting out about HIV/AIDS awareness. working at the salon, and working around the house. Can we say I have a lot on my plate right now?

I need to learn to take time out for myself. I need to make more Mikey time and learn to relax. Lately I feel like I'm burning my self out and need a little enjoyment. Yeah blogging relaxes me, but it's not enough. I feel like I should get out of Santa Cruz for a few days and go somewhere.

Right now I feel like I can't do that because of finances and Sela sitting. You see I know my life is changing and I have no idea what God, the universe or whatever has planned for me next. I do know that he's trying to tell me to take some down time.

Who even knows maybe one of my life wishes may come true in the near future and that's why I'm going threw what I'm going threw.



A Deep Fried Twinkie ?

Served at the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk.



An Afterwork Posting

Drangon ASS!!



HIV IN Black America

Holy crap!! I saw part of a primetime special by before I passed out on ABC about HIV/AIDS in black Americans and was blown away by what I saw.

Wake up black America your lives are in danger. You need to start educating yourselves and not let the stigma of this disease kill you. You need to take a stand and fight for government benefits you are entitled. HIV/AIDS is the leading cause of death in black women ages 25 to 45.

1/3 of all black Americans are infected by dirty needles. The government turns their back on needle exchange. Here in Santa Cruz County we have one of the best needle exchange programs in the country. From December 2004 to December 2005 only one person was reported being infected with HIV/AIDS from a dirty needle. You non profit Aids organizations need to call the Santa Cruz Aids Project at (831) 427-3900 to see what they are doing right.!!

HIV/AIDS needs to be tested in prisons. 40% of black prisoners come out infected and don't know they have HIV. They go out and sleep with partners and infect them too. Wake up, wake up, wake up everyone please!!! Right now I'm pissed and fighting mad from these statistics!!


Thou Shall Not Fall

I was trying to due a tour of Santa Cruz for you. I really need a splicing program.!!


Sealion swimming

I couldn't splice so here's the 10 second sealion video.



Hurling Again And Splicing

More video's on the way.



Jerryl (?) Canon in D Rock

OMG I was blown away by this kid!! Hope you guys have dsl.


Wicked Weds. A Sign Of The Times

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Haloscan and Template

Today I finally got Haloscan to work on my blog. The down side is I lost all my comments. LMAO go figure this would only happen to me. So now I'll be able to reply to your comments and have real fun.

I also really screwed up my template last night. You see I was trying to add this to my header. I never did figure it out so I'm going to ask one of my chat friends to do it when he has a chance. It took me 45 minutes to get my blog template back to normal.

I also found a really kewl template I like better then the one I have. I don't know if it will be compatible with what I want to do, but you can see it here. I love this dudes template.



Another AZT Update And Answer

The Sound is quiet on this Video.


Trouser Snakes On A Plane

Since the porn industry does cheap rip offs of movies, I figured I'd give them a few titles.

A) Trouser Snakes On A Plane

B) Trouser Snakes On A Subway

C) Trouser Snakes On A Blog

D) Trouser Snakes In A restaurant

E) Trouser Snakes On A Beach

F) Trouser Snakes In The Woods

G) Trouser Snakes On A Bus

And here's A few more

H) Brokeback Trouser Snake

I) Honey I Shrunk The Trouser Snake

J) Star Trek- First Trouser Snake Contact

K) E. T. - The Extra Trouser Snake

L) Harry Potter And The Trouser Snake

M) Star Wars- Revenge Of The Trouser Snake

N) Lord Of The Trouser Snake - Return Of The Trouser Snake

O) Little Shop Of Trouser Snakes

P) The Hunchback Of Trouser Snake

Q) Blazing Trouser Snakes

R) Talladega Trouser Snake

S) Some Like it Trouser Snake

T) All About Trouser Snake

U) The Devil Wears Trouser Snake

V) South Park Bigger, Longer, Trouser Snake

W) Jurassic Park- The Lost Trouser Snake

X) Moulin Trouser Snake

Y) The Rocky Horror Trouser Snake

Z) Silence Of The Trouser Snakes



A Few Weeks Of Miss Sela

I'm kitty sitting Miss Sela for a few weeks. Yes, the co-custody cat is back in my possession along with her little quirks. Well, she only has one that annoys me. Her annoying quirk is she likes to drink dripping water out of the bath tub.

Sela will drink out of a water bowl if she knows there is no bath tub. I tried so hard to keep the bathroom door closed yesterday, but one of us left it open and she found the bathtub.

So there I am last night in the Ross Mathews chat room (where I've been hiding out) and I hear this "meow, meow, meow." Yes, she will call you and keep meowing till you turn on the water for her or till I figure out the needs of Sela.

So I'll have Sela while Matthew ( the ex BF seen here) gets ready and goes to burning man this year. I'm not a fan of burning man because of Matthew, but that's another posting.



I Was Asked So I Did It

You can click here to see my thighs.



Flavor Flav!!

I don't understand the appeal of this guy Flavor Flav. Yes, I do know that he was one of the ground breakers of Rap music (Not my cup of tea), but to sleep with him. {{{I SHUDDER}}}

VH1 is airing Flavor Of Love Season 2. What he didn't find love in season 1? Are the woman on this show so hard up for notoriety? Are they just gold diggers? Are they just skanky ho's like Paris Hilton?

What's your opinion, and is anyone else having problems uploading pics to blogger? I have to fake it out to show pics.



AZT Update

Not feeling up to my old self!



My First Video

Tour Of My Bedroom


Wicked Weds. My Weather Forcast

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Americas Most Wanted (A Reposting)

I'm reposting one of my personal favorite post today. This is for my newest readers.

John Walsh of Americas Most Wanted up dated us this week with the most recent addition to the F.B.I. 's 10 most wanted list. The person is extremely dangerous and should not be approach. He is wanted for terrorism and crimes against humanity and bloggers. The following outstanding warrants for his arrest are as follows:

1: Becoming a blogger whore

2: Having a hit on a follow blogger who's screen name is Kapgar. He can not get out of his head; "Kill the hobbit, Kill the hobbit" (Just kidding about the hit Kev. Thanks a lot for that!!)

3: Being too big hearted

4: Cares more about others then himself

5: Can kill you with his farts

6: Loves most animals

7: Gives out too much information on his blog

8: Doesn't feel like he takes good pictures with his shirt off he needs to work on upper body and abs.

9: His hidden talent is to be able to touch his nose with bottom lip. Warning his teeth are real!

10: Has a hidden fondness for all his blogger friends and more for his real life friends.

11: Desperately needs to get laid

12: Is a coffee whore

13: Has a great sense of humor

14: Scifi geek

15: (The most outstanding one) This fugitive from the law has a pistol in his pocket that could be detrimental to your health.

Should you see this man or know of any other violations. Call your local authorities immediately. Be afraid, very afraid. Substantial reward given for getting this man laid.



Celebrate Good Times Come ON (IT's A Celebration)

myspace layouts, myspace codes, glitter graphics

Today this blog is celebrating 10,000 hits.



The Song The Best Describes My Life

A Hazy Shade Of Winter. (The Bangles Version) You can hear it on my page on myspace.

Time, time, time
See whats become of me

Time, time, time
See whats become of me
While I looked around
For my possibilities
I was so hard to please

Look around
Leaves are brown
And the sky
Is a hazy shade of winter

Hear the salvation army band
Down by the riverside
Its bound to be a better ride
Than what youve got planned
Carry a cup in your hand

Look around
Leaves are brown
And the sky
Is a hazy shade of winter

Hang on to your hopes my friend
Thats an easy thing to say
But if your hopes should pass away
Simply pretend
That you can build them again

Look around
Grass is high
Fields are ripe
Its the springtime of my life

Seasons change with the scenery
Weaving time in a tapestry
Wont you stop and remember me

Look around
Leaves are brown
And the sky
Its a hazy shade of winter

Look around
Leaves are brown
Theres a patch of snow on the ground

What Song best describes your life?



Where Are They Flying Cars?

When I was growing up I remember watching The Jetsons, seeing movies like Metropolis and loving the flying cars. I couldn't wait for the 21st century to get here. I was one of those people who wanted a Jetsons's car.

Well now it's the year 2006 and I want to know "Where are the flying cars? Where is Moon Base Alpha like in Space 1999? Where are all the kewl gadgets we saw when we were growing up?"

Detroit and Japan are under the influence of the large oil companies, gas prices are soaring through the roof with bigger profits for the oil companies. We need to find other means of transportation.

The Jetson society is still a glimmer in someone's eye. I think we are living more in a 1984 society today. With the NSA tapping innocents phones in the name of homeland security and the war on terrorism. Companies and the government putting spyware in our computers.

Where are all the visionaries? Where are the peace makers? Where are the people who would rather live in an utopia society then having our big brother (number 43) running our lives and knowing what we do 24/7?

For me, I don't like it. What is your opinions and feelings about growing up and how we are living and being treated today?



Wicked Weds Where's My Wooden Stake

Take the quiz:
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First Photo With Digi Cam

Well I am playing with my new digi cam and here's the first photo I took. It is a water lily in a make shift goldfish pond in my backyard. Amazing that beauty can be so simplistic. As Mama Rose said "Look at world get off of my runway!!" You'll never know what I'm going to take a pic of next and post!!



Pet Sitting And Myspace HIV Support

This must be my month for pet sitting. This coming weekend I am sitting Fat Lola and Iggy for Jules and Remy while they are out of town. Then next weekend I get Sela for a few weeks while my ex Matthew gets ready and goes to burning man.

I know myspace has gotten a lot of bad press lately from some idiots. I have found it a great place to put out about HIV/AIDS awareness. I have been communicating with some people who are HIV positive asking then to send their stories to myself or the Gay Guru for are HIV site.

I didn't realize that others feel like myself about educating the main stream internet world about this diease. It's nice having the support and feel like your not alone in your cause and belief of educating what it's like living with HIV. I was getting frustrated in my writing feeling like I and GG were alone in this strife. I was getting tired of thinking WTF am I working so hard for trying to making this world a better place for all to live.

Now I'm getting so much support from people it's unreal. For all those who are supporting this cause I want to thank you!!



Treated Myself

So the boss finally paid me what he owed me today. I decide to go out and splurg on myself for once!! So I found a digi camera and printer on clearence for under $80.00 The camera is an HP R507 with a HP 7760 photoprinter. Not too bad of a deal since I don't need the best. I just needed something functional. Who know's, I might just do a HNT this Thursday. So expect more pics my fellow bloggers. I scored since Amazon wanted about $220.00 for both new. Thank god for Sears clearence.



Why I Wear Four Bracelets

Someone ask me in my comments a while ago on my blog,"Why do I wear so many bracelets." Well I wear four one my left wrist.

1: Is the yellow "LiveStrong" bracelet which identifies with people who I know have cancer or are cancer survivors.

2: Is the white "One Campaign" which wants to end world poverty and HIV/AIDS.

3: Is the red HIV/AIDS bracelet which states "Hope, Faith, Courage" which is the way I try to live my life.

4: Is the blue "Make A Wish Foundation." I had a friend in Maryland who they granted a wish for him. He died a few years later from a freak wheelchair accident.

I hope to add one more to this list. The metal until there's a cure HIV/AIDS bracelet which I will have by the World AIDS Day December 1st this year and I will wear on my right wrist.



Club Day and AGT

I had a really bad "club" day yesterday. It was so bad I had to call in sick to work. No I wasn't painting again. Enough said about that subject.

So I have been watching America's Got Talent (AGT.) What was up with them last night? Yes Zircusdesole was amazing. I'm talking about having Tom green on and David Hasselholf sing. I am such NOT a Tom Green fan. I've never found him funny and don't understand his brand of humor.

David Hasselholf's singing? Blah!!!! I saw him ruin the musical "Jekyll And Hyde" in a live TV version of the show. I love the music in the show but Hasselholf almost made me want to hurl again. Sorry Claire but with this one I have to say "What goes on in Germany, Stays in Germany!!"



HIV Hides From treatment In Gut

A University of California research team has discovered that HIV is able to survive the antiviral effects of treatment by hiding out in the mucosal tissues of the intestine. Even when blood tests show that viral load is undetectable and T-cell counts are responding well to HIV treatment, there is likely on going viral replication and immune system damage occurring in the gut. While its not entirely clear what these findings mean for HIV-positive people, the researchers hint at the possible need for early HIV treatment, intestinal biopsies, and the use of anti-inflammatory medications to effectively manage HIV infection in the gut

Oh great, see how nasty this virus is?



Wicked Weds. And For Suze

Suze click here to go take that Rent quiz.



Trouble Blogging

The past few days I have had trouble blogging. For some reason I have had a lack of energy and can't concentrate on what I want to write. I keep changing what my post are going to be about and then sit in front of the monitor thinking "WTF."

Am I like Roger in Rent and written that one perfect post? I don't think I have done that yet. I feel in my persona that something really big and good is on it's way. I feel that life has thrown me so many curve balls to prepare me for the good that's on it's way and to make me a better person.

I don't know what's in store. I do know whatever good is coming I will be patiently waiting as always until it arrives.