Poz Mikey


Big Brotherish

So the other night I was in chat and they were talking about Google Earth. They were talking about how amazing it was so I down loaded it to my PC. Well I typed in my address and it took me about to my house.

It was a few houses off but OMG Google Earth is way too big brotherish. When anyone can get a crystal clear shot of your house from space we have a problem. I wonder if the NSA uses Google Earth? Who knows when they are spying on you, or what technology they have that hasn't been released.
Have we become an Orwell nation? Has 1984 become a reality right under our noses? I just really don't know. To show you what I mean, I'm showing you my place. I have cropped it due to at the bottom it gives my coordinates. What do you think are we living in a 1984 world?




So I went to the doctor today for the results of my labs. They weren't as bad as I thought they would be. For the last month I have been battling a bad sinus infection. and was thinking they would be over the top.

Well my T cells known as my CD4 count dropped to 480. My viral load jumped to 129 from undetectable. My doctor isn't too worried about the numbers. Whenever someone with HIV/AIDS is fighting any type of infection T cells drop and your viral shoots up.

So the doctor put my on an antibiotic and gave me a nasal spray for my sinus infection. He wants to see me again in 6 weeks to redo my labs.



My Life Right Now

Right now my life is very hectic. It seems that I have had very little time out for myself. All I've been doing lately is eating, sleeping and working. Once this remodel is done at the salon, I know I'll have some free time.

I must admit I do like the money I'm getting right but it's not going to last. My hours will be cut back till the new salon takes off. I'm trying to and have purchased a few things I wanted like a flat screen for my computer. I just acquired Adope Photo Shop 5.0 elements (which I still need to learn how to use.) I'm going to be getting Windows Vista when it's released at the end of the month.

Last night I also learned I have to leave my house for three days. They are going to tent where I'm living for termites in the middle of February. Jules and Remy have graciously gave me permission to crash on their couch those three or four nights.

I also found out my boss is going to give me a raise by March 1st. WOOHOO !!



Sneak Peek

So many of you know I have been tired from putting in long days at work trying to get our salon remodeled since the last week of December. Today I want to give you a sneak peek of what we have been doing. I would say the salon is 75% finished. All the large projects that need to be done is out of my hands.

Stylist Stations

Reception Area

Left Front Of the salon

The Boss' Room



The Tonight Show

As some of you my know I'm a fan of Ross The Intern from "The Tonight Show." I love his segments and he always makes me laugh out loud. Well the other day Ross had a huge surprise for some of us.

We were told that he was going to be be on the red carpet at the Golden Globes. He asked all his bloggers of the month (Which I'm included in see October) to call a special number and record our voices with questions to the stars.

Ross also asked us to send him pics of ourselves that he might use on "The Tonight Show." Ross' segment on the red carpet is suppose to air Tuesday. I'm going to be watching to see if he uses one of my questions and use my pic on the the air.



Full Moon

Some of you were warned I'd do this for you!!




I'm putting in a lot of time in at work the past few weeks. We are in a new salon and doing an extreme make over. It's going to be much better then our old salon. Everyday it's getting nicer and nicer.

Putting in this time is stopping me from blogging, chatting, reading blogs, and doing things on myspace. I'll be glad when things settle down but I'm digging the hours and the money. Take care and know I'm alright. Mikey



Goals for 2007

1: Do more work on the web dealing with HIV/AIDS Awareness

2: Get a Product Red Ipod

3: Get a good size flat monitor for my computer

4: Take a vacation and get the hell out of Santa Cruz for a few days

5: Start Dating again